Koppel Blade Koppel – Time Again (CD)

Benjamin Koppel – alto saxophone Brian Blade – drumsAnders Koppel – Hammond Organ   When it all comes down to it, the music needs to swing. It needs to touch our souls as well as move our feet. And the music of this trio par excellence does exactly that.  When Father and Son, the Koppels, two […]

Story of Mankind a Requiem (CD)

Frederikke Vedel – vocal Randy Brecker – trumpet  Henrik Dam Thomsen – cello   Benjamin Koppel – altosax, additional vibraphone, gongs and percussion Søren Møller – piano, organ and fender rhodes  Johnny Åman – acoustic bass  Ferenc Nemeth – drums and percussion    STORY OF MANKIND is a piece that depicts the cruelty of man […]

White Buses – Passage to freedom (CD)

Benjamin Koppel – sax Thana Alexa – vocal Antonio Sanchez – drums Uri Caine – piano Henrik Dam Thomsen – cello Søren Møller – keys The rescue of the Danish Jews in October 1943 is living memory. Though most who lived through the ordeal are long gone, the events from those days live on with […]

Koppel Colley Blade Perspective (CD)

KCB COLLECTIVE is the name of an all-star trio, consisting of three of the most in-demand, versatile and top-class jazz musicians on the scene today. Between them they have worked with who’s who in jazz, but this time they once again come together and via their long-lasting musical friendship they refine the potential of the […]

Alex Riel Trio – The High and the Mighty (CD)

In 1954 John Wayne starred in a movie called “The High And The Mighty” about a commercial airliner that develops engine problems on a trans-Pacific flight. Wayne plays the part of a washed-up co-pilot. Wayne’s character has to bring the plane in safely, when the pilot loses his nerve. I watched that movie many years ago and found it great! However, […]

Bazaar – Triology (CD)

Bazaar blev dannet i 1976 og er efter mere end 30 år stadig legebørn, som finder inspiration i alle verdenshjørner og udkanter. Bazaar er en spændende legende trio, der eksperimenterer ved at mixe forskellige genre som jazz, world og især folkemusik fra Balkan, og gruppens evne til at gøre det uventede overrasker stadig det stor […]

Alex Riel – Get Riel (CD)

GET RIEL is a studio recording with American pianist Kenny Werner, French bass player Pierre Boussaguet and Danish veteran drummer Alex Riel. It was made on a Friday afternoon in Copenhagen – because that’s all there was time for! Bandleader Alex Riel had already played with both Werner and Boussaguet on several occasions, but the three […]

OneTwoThreeFour (Breaking Borders #5) (CD)

OneTwoThreeFour is an intriguing meeting between Nordic and North American jazz. Renowned Danish saxophonist Benjamin Koppel teams up with legendary American drummer Peter Erskine to examine the anticipation of the musicians’ one-two-three-four count-off, from which time, groove and pulse evolve. The result is a joyous affair and a beautiful jazz adventure played by four amazing […]

Benjamin Koppel – Jazz Galla (CD)

Benjamin Koppel Jazz Galla er en festlig jazzplade, med nogle af ladets største stemmer. Poprocksangeren Søren Sko, poppigen Maria Montell, crooneren Bobo Moreno og gospeldivaen Marie Carmen Koppel fortolker charmerende evergreens fra ”When I fall in love”, til ”Smile” og ”What a Wonderful World” i gennemswingende og jazzede udgaver, akkompagneret af nogle af landets bedste […]

Heritage (Breaking Borders #4) (CD)

Renowned Danish saxophonist Benjamin Koppel takes a trip back in time for inspiration from his grandfather, composer Herman D, Koppel, as well as Johannes Brahms and Jewish folk songs. Recorded in New York with the outstanding american pianist Uri Caine, the album also features the beautiful sound of Syrian clarinettist Kinan Azmeh and the creativity […]