About us

Cowbell Music is a music company run by the renowned composer and musician Benjamin Koppel. The company was founded in 2001 primarily as a record label company booking its own artists. Today the company is a 360 degree music business producing and releasing music, booking Danish and international artists for concerts and lectures, organizing festivals and collaborating with private companies as well as public culture institutions all over the world.

For Booking: Mathilde Lunderskov, booking@cowbellmusic.dk phone +45 70260807 direct +45 25750295

Other: Cowbell Music Stadfeldtsvej 10, kl, 2500 Valby Denmark. Phone +45 70260807 mail: info@cowbellmusic.dk cvr 36034742 og Cowbells facebook, evt knap med tilmeld til nyhedsbrev?