Ballads (Breaking Borders #3) (CD)

What happens when four of the best Nordic jazz musicians interpret classics by The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Michel Legrand and Cat Stevens? Danish Saxophonist Benjamin Koppel and the excellent rhythm section take these well-known songs into their own musical space. The result is as fascinating as it is poetic and represents the […]

The Kyoto Protocol & Other Climate Considerations (Breaking Borders #2) (CD)

The Kyoto Protocol is one of the most important papers on human behaviour in relation to climate change issues – but who has read it? This was the question Benjamin Koppel put to the UN COP15 Climate Summit in Copenhagen in 2009, with Benjamin offering his own unique response. With the help from classical soprano […]

Benjamin Koppel Presents: Anders Koppel & Kenny Werner (Breaking Borders #1) (CD)

A meditative and experimental jazz release with hammond organ conqueror Anders Koppel (formerly Savage Rose and Bazaar) and the American Grammy-nominated super pianist Kenny Werner. The music is improvised and meditative and offers room for contemplation and reflection. This is an exceptional combination of hammond organ and piano played by these two musical giants and […]

Benjamin Koppel & Miroslav Vitous – The Poetic Principle (CD)

On the album The Poetic Principle, Benjamin Koppel embraces and challenges the American and European Jazz tradition together with the bass giant Miroslav Vitous. The album title The Poetic Principle stems from the Edgar Allen Poe essay by the same title. Here Poe describes what is essential for the poem: it must be precise, focused and intense.  With Poe […]

Benjamin Koppel & Kenny Werner – Walden (CD)

After listening to the Benjamin Koppel/Miroslav Vitous recording, The Poetic Principle, the American jazz pianist Kenny Werner contacted Benjamin Koppel to let him know that the CD was one of “the best jazz recordings I have heard in a decade or two.” What followed was a collaboration between the American jazz icon and the young Danish sax player […]

Koppel Colley Blade – Collective (CD)

Benjamin Koppel (DK), Scott Colley (US) and Brian Blade (US) met in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2012 when playing two sold-out shows together at the Summer Jazz festival (a subsidiary of the annual Copenhagen Jazz Festival). Koppel and Colley had worked together before, but when Blade joined the two, magic happened. Shortly after the festival, they […]

The Mezzo Sax Encounter (CD)

Peter Jessen of I.K. Gottfried invented the unique mezzo saxophone tuned in G for Benjamin Koppel back in 2007. It didn’t take long before Joe Lovano heard the instrument and ordered one for himself. This became the base for the Mezzo Sax Encounter. Together Joe and Benjamin have explored new territories with this wonderful and […]

Brooklyn Jazz Session (CD)

Marie Carmen Koppel is mostly known as a great gospel and soul singer, but on this album she debuts as a jazz singer. In the fall of 2010, the two Koppels, Benjamin and Marie, travelled to Brooklyn for a recording with three top musicians of New York. These first 11 tracks are mostly composed by […]

Hammond Street (CD)

Hammond Street is a groovy and jazzy trio album, recorded in Los Angeles, USA in January 2006 by the Danish saxophone player Benjamin Koppel, the Hammond organ player Larry Goldings and the drummer Bill Stewart. Hammond Street is the street where everything happens. It crosses Sunset Boulevard where the jet set cruise in their big […]

The Adventures of a Polar Expedition (CD)

The poles. Arctic seas as far as the eye can reach, polar bears, seals, and sled dogs. Humans and animals who live on the edge of existence and become one with the elements. The incredible variety of shades of white on the North Pole and in Greenland. The many expeditions that went out, and the […]