Kenny Werner

One of American jazz’ greatest Piano players,Kenny Werner,and the successful Danish saxophone player,Benjamin Koppel, have during the past years teamed up in what the UK magazine All About Jazz have called ‘a beautiful friendship’.

Kenny Werner is one of the most prolific pianists of his generation. Being widely known for his masterpiece Effortless Mastery he has become an icon for many young jazz musicians. He has beenappointed Artist Director of the Performance wellness institute at oneof the biggest music schools in the world, Berklee in Boston.

The collaboration between the American jazz icon and the Danish saxvirtuosostarted with Kenny Werner listening to the Benjamin Koppel/Miroslav Vitous recording, ’The Poetic Principle’. After that he contacted Koppel to let him know that it was one of “the best jazz recordings I’ve heard in a decade or two.” Since then they have recorded and releaseda handful ofalbums on bothKoppel’s record label Cowbell in Copenhagen, Denmarkand on HalfNote in the US