Koppel / Colley / Blade Collective

Benjamin Koppel (DK), Scott Colley (US) and Brian Blade (US) met in Copenhagen in 2012 when they played two sold-out concerts together during Koppel’s Summer Jazz festival. Koppel and Colley had played together before, and when Blade joined the two, magic happened.

The three virtuosos formed the trio Koppel – Colley – Blade Collective, which released its first album in 2015.

In Koppel / Colley / Blade Collective, Blade’s creativity on the drums perfectly matches Colley’s strong improvisational skills on the bass – and interacting with Koppel’s lyrical saxophone playing, the trio draws a strong melodic soundscape. The music ranges from quiet, ballad-oriented jazz to more powerful, energetic, rocking subgenres.