Jazz & Jokes

Jazz and Jokes is a collaboration between saxophone player Benjamin Koppel and comedian Lars Hjortshøj. They invite you inside for a very special evening, inspired by the jazz clubs of the 50s and 60s in New York.

Improvisation, precise punchlines and good timing are the starting point for the work of the two friends Lars Hjortshøj and Benjamin Koppel as respectively one of the country’s most prominent comedians and one of the country’s best musicians. They are both in the middle of their magnificent careers and have long since placed themselves centrally in the consciousness of most Danes within their respective fields. And when the two together invite friends and colleagues on stage under the name “Jazz & Jokes” it is going to be a unique, colorful and amazing evening in the company of the best of both worlds, top comedians and top jazz musicians.

Previous guests: Mick Øgendahl, Søren Sko, Preben Kristensen, Pede B, Thomas Warberg, Linda P., Alex Riel, Patrick Dorgan, Mads Holm, Rasmus Botoft, Natasha Brock, Jan Gintberg, Brian Mørk and many more.