Koppel & Son

Koppel & Son is the name of the close musical collaboration between father and son, Anders Koppel and Benjamin Koppel. Koppel & Son performs regularly as a duo, but time and again act as a foundation for different solo-artists. The solo-artists range from rappers to singers and instrumentalists rooted in both classical, world- and rock […]

Mezzo Sax Encounter

Over the years, Grammy Award-winning American sax player Joe Lovano and Danish sax player Benjamin Koppel have developed a strong creative kinship resulting in original compositions and concerts. Find the music on their joined release The Mezzo Sax Encounter.Itall started back in 2007, wheninstrument builder Peter Jessen of Copenhagen woodwind retailer I.K. Gottfried invented the […]

Anders Koppel & Henrik Dam Thomsen

The partnership between Henrik Dam Thomsen and Anders Koppel has spanned over 25 years and included countlessprojects, including Koppel’s music for the cross-over ensemble Mad Cows Sing and for Copenhagen Cello Quartet, in the opera Rebus, infilm scores, concerts and recordings.In a duothey have their own, totally original instrumentation with cello and Hammondorgan. The two […]

Gislinge – Koppel

The internationally renowned classical concert pianist Katrine Gislinge join up with Benjamin Koppel’s jazz saxophone. Together, they create a new musical universe where they move into deep water and challenge the music and each other. There is a sensitivity to Katrine Gislinge’s musical approach, where every detail receives great attention, but at the same time […]

Annas Sang

Benjamin Koppel has transformed his own family’s escape story to music through a musical portrait of his now-deceased aunt Anna and selected events from her childhood, youth and old age, including the escape to Sweden during World War II. Koppel’s debut novel Annas sang is written based on conversations with his aunt about her life. […]

Sko on Cole

When two of Danish music’s biggest profiles join forces for their shared passion for jazz crooner no #1 Nat King Cole’s music, the old classics come to life once again. The Danish singer Søren Sko has, ever since Sko & Torp debuted in 1989, been an indispensable part of the Danish music scene, centrally positioned […]

Cool Cats

Our very own Danish Cool Cats take us back to the legendary jazz stories taken place in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is known for being an old city of Jazz and many musicians came to the country, some even stayed to participate and be a part of this amazing capital. Thus, there is a lot of stories […]

Jazz & Jokes

Jazz and Jokes is a collaboration between saxophone player Benjamin Koppel and comedian Lars Hjortshøj. They invite you inside for a very special evening, inspired by the jazz clubs of the 50s and 60s in New York. Improvisation, precise punchlines and good timing are the starting point for the work of the two friends Lars […]

Jazz Galla

Benjamin Koppel Jazz Galla tours the whole country to full concert halls, and you can easily put on your finest clothes, because plans have been made for a bang of a celebration when Jazz Galla forms the framework for a glamorous and magical evening. We applaud the best of the best Music throughout time and […]

Koppel / Colley / Blade Collective

Benjamin Koppel (DK), Scott Colley (US) and Brian Blade (US) met in Copenhagen in 2012 when they played two sold-out concerts together during Koppel’s Summer Jazz festival. Koppel and Colley had played together before, and when Blade joined the two, magic happened. The three virtuosos formed the trio Koppel – Colley – Blade Collective, which […]