Cool Cats

Our very own Danish Cool Cats take us back to the legendary jazz stories taken place in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is known for being an old city of Jazz and many musicians came to the country, some even stayed to participate and be a part of this amazing capital. Thus, there is a lot of stories […]

Jazz & Jokes

Jazz and Jokes is a collaboration between saxophone player Benjamin Koppel and comedian Lars Hjortshøj. They invite you inside for a very special evening, inspired by the jazz clubs of the 50s and 60s in New York. Improvisation, precise punchlines and good timing are the starting point for the work of the two friends Lars […]

Jazz Galla

Benjamin Koppel Jazz Galla tours the whole country to full concert halls, and you can easily put on your finest clothes, because plans have been made for a bang of a celebration when Jazz Galla forms the framework for a glamorous and magical evening. We applaud the best of the best Music throughout time and […]